Book Picks for Week of June 14th

I read three books this week. This first one is a memoir Your Blue is Not My Blue by Aspen Blue. I really enjoyed it. I really like Matis’ writing! This book begins with a young teenage girl hiking the trails between Mexico and Canada, as she walks the trails she finds she’s walking them parallel with a guy named Dash- that’s his trail name. Finally, they intersect, get to know each other, and later they marry. His real name is Justin Matis. He is a great and supportive husband, who loves Aspen deeply and encourages her in her writing first in writing an article, and after that in writing her book. Aspen describes her love for Justin as, “My love for him is the color of remembered vacations: rosebud pink and silver, inexplicable in their wonder and their glory.” But then a tragedy happens to one of their trail friends, and Justin goes to the funeral without her, and Aspen does not hear from him again for over 40 days! I had to keep reminding myself that this is a memoir,for it reads like fiction with all of the strange adventures she has been through. I will read more of her. I highly recommend this book; I’d describe it as a coming of age book and a book that describes Aspen’s growth as a person and a woman. Check it out for a great read!

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The next book review is All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth. This is great psychological thriller! The first two chapters hooked me in, but then rather grossed me out, and I wasn’t going to further. But the mystery so intrigued. I love that the story is told from several POVs that makes it so much more interesting. For example, this is a favorite quote of mine: “Being together for ten years was like listening to your favorite song too many times on the radio. You knew all the words but you’d lost all the feelings the song used to give you—the things that made you love it in the first place.” I’d categorize it as a psychological thriller/mystery/coming of age story. One of my favorite characters is the young girl who is our main narrator who lost her mother when she disappeared one night, and was never seen again. I’m glad I decided to read it to the end. I will be reading more of Elizabeth Klehfoth and can’t wait to see what she will write next. I highly recommend it!

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Third Book Pick for this Week: This one is a thriller/mystery River Bones by Mary Deal. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but wow, was it good! I really enjoyed it! It’s about a woman Sara who returns to her hometown years after the last time she left. But now she is wealthy and has a bought a home there. The previous owner disappeared and has never been found again. As the story continues, we learn there’s a serial killer in the area who is killing people by strangling them. I really like the character Sara Mason. She is a strong, independent, and highly resourceful person who is also compassionate and courageous. This is a great read, check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it! I learned this is only Book 1 in this series featuring Sarah Mason. I look forward to reading more books with her in them.

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